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Facebook have announced a new advertising feature called Multi Product Ads. This enables business to showcase up to three products/ads in a singe ad unit for desktop or mobile. Also each product/ad will have it’s own text, image and click target.

The next big thing to come from Facebook is Enhanced Custom Audiences from your Website. A new feature for Ads Manager and Power Editor that allows businesses to build certain kinds of audiences that suit their business e.g.: people who haven’t visited your website in a while and people that have visited certain pages of your site.

For more info on both of these updates head on over to Facebook For Business

This is pretty exciting times for Facebook Marketers everywhere. We bet there are more updates to come in the near future that will make targeting your demographic even easier and precise.


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Why Isn’t Facebook More Like YouTube?



We’ve all noticed the decline in the reach of our organic posts. Facebook even stated that organic posts will be less seen as time goes on. Especially since Facebooks new ads and promotions structure has been implemented. You now have to promote your posts if you want all your friends or followers to see them. While for big company’s this is really just another form of advertising which they will have an allocated budget for. What about the little guy or just the social user who wants their voice heard?

Paying to promote your content does ensure that you cut through the noise on Facebook and get yourself seen and heard, and we don’t see Mark Zuckerberg changing his mind anytime soon.

Whether you like what Facebook is doing or hate it, the guys from 2Veritasium bring up some valid points about what Facebook is doing (or not doing) in this YouTube clip


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 Augmented Reality Done Right

Pepsi Max Bus Stop 2

As far as I’m concerned, this may be the best advert/prank ever conceived. Pepsi converted a regular bus stop in London into one of the most engaging uses of augmented reality I’ve ever seen. Grand Visual, who produced the installation which is exclusive to Pepsi placed it in a bus stop in busy Oxford St. At a glance it looks like a display with a camera showing you the street view on the other side. Wait long enough and you’ll see giant toy robots, meteors and aliens destroy London.

While this may not have intended to be a global campaign since it was only produced on one busy street. Pepsi Max has “nailed it” with over 5 million views on You Tube. Pretty sure you can class this as Viral.


Well Facebook let us all know today that they will be launching their new advertising platform on March 6th. Apparently this means that it will be easier for advertisers to organise, optimise and track/measure their ads.

Each campaign can now feature multiple ad sets. Each of these can have their own budget and schedule. You can also organise each ad set to represent audience segments i.e. people that live near you. This will enable you to help control the spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ad and measure their response. Facebook will also serve the ad which is getting the most interaction/best performing.

Finally within each ad set you can have multiple ads. Each with their own image, video, link or text. You still get to control the spend and targeting of each ad.

Facebooks New Ad Structure


Ultimately this means a little more work for those online marketers out there. But with Facebook giving you more control over how you serve your ads, this could end up being a great change.


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