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The Hicon Social Bangle – Social Media ALWAYS With You.

Hicon Social Bangle


Now you can completely immerse yourself in social media with the Hicon Social Bangle. This new piece of wearable tech is very reminiscent of something that a 10 year old girl would wear in the school yard. No longer will you have to waste time checking your phone for notifications. An interchangeable charm will light up when you have a notification pending. There are a few charms to choose from as well. From Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to also SMS and calls. When you receive a notification the tile will light up and the bangle will vibrate to inform you to get social.

Our favourite (and a tad creepy) part of this new wearable is the companion app which can notify you of other people in you vicinity with similar profiles.

All jokes and weirdness aside, lets get down to the serious info.

The Hicon Social Bangle will:

  • Be compatible with IOS, Android and in the future, Windows Phones.
  • Be Waterproof
  • Have an accelerometer
  • Have a 14 Day battery life

If all goes well with their campaign on Indiegogo one of these bangles will cost you $45 if you pledge on the site. Unfortunately a $5 bid will only get you a thank you email.

Want to know more on the Hicon Social Bangle then check out their YouTube clip explaining the project in depth.

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