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Hicon Social Bangle


Now you can completely immerse yourself in social media with the Hicon Social Bangle. This new piece of wearable tech is very reminiscent of something that a 10 year old girl would wear in the school yard. No longer will you have to waste time checking your phone for notifications. An interchangeable charm will light up when you have a notification pending. There are a few charms to choose from as well. From Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to also SMS and calls. When you receive a notification the tile will light up and the bangle will vibrate to inform you to get social.

Our favourite (and a tad creepy) part of this new wearable is the companion app which can notify you of other people in you vicinity with similar profiles.

All jokes and weirdness aside, lets get down to the serious info.

The Hicon Social Bangle will:

  • Be compatible with IOS, Android and in the future, Windows Phones.
  • Be Waterproof
  • Have an accelerometer
  • Have a 14 Day battery life

If all goes well with their campaign on Indiegogo one of these bangles will cost you $45 if you pledge on the site. Unfortunately a $5 bid will only get you a thank you email.

Want to know more on the Hicon Social Bangle then check out their YouTube clip explaining the project in depth.


The Water Hoverboard

Ever since Marty McFly met The Doc and went “Back To The Future” we’ve been waiting for the day when we can get our hands on a Hoverboard. Well wait no longer cause this is as close as we’re going to get for a while. The Worlds First Water Hoverboard from Rocky Mountain Fly Board is here and and it has the internet excited.

Created by jet ski champion Franky Zapata who created the Fly Board a while ago and has since been back in the work shop. What he created has really stepped it up a notch compared to the Fly Board. Essentially a wakeboard fitted with a high powered water jet giving the rider the ability to get up to 16 foot air time and speeds up to 25 Kph.

We could tell you all the rest of the specifics but we think watching the clip for yourself will explain everything. Or at least have you saying “I want one!”


Sprout Social

Ever wondered how businesses manage all their social profiles without having to post every hour? Well the truth is most of us you a scheduling tool to schedule our posts and tweets throughout the day and even longer. One that we here at Byron Social Media Lab use is Sprout Social. An amazing piece of social media software that we not only use for scheduling but for analytics, suggestions, monitoring and engagement.

The option to set smart searches to monitor what you followers are saying gives you the option to be reactive to peoples questions and discussions in realtime. The scheduling system is quite easily the most used option of Sprout Social for us. With being able to schedule Facebook posts and tweets for our Twitter at key times throughout the day, free’s up so  much other time to work on other projects (or sneak off for a quick surf).  We suggest scheduling out a 24 hour period at a time. That way if any of your information changes you can amend your tweets and posts accordingly.

Another great function which I personally love is the iOS and Android app so you can schedule, research and assign tasks to other members on the go.

Sprout Social Mobile App

With the App you can:

  • Make content creation a team effort with Sprout’s collaborative publishing calendar
  • Access to Sprout’s ViralPost Send Time Optimisation technology
  • Post from desktop, iOS (including iPhone and iPad), Android and Browser extension








With all the above said we can’t go without mentioning the analytics that Sprout has to offer as well.  “Sprout provides a holistic view of your social media performance with a family of reports. From Twitter & Facebook reporting to specific reports on engagement and user performance” – Sprout.

They provide:

  • In Depth reports for each of your profiles
  • Message level analytics
  • You can Report across multiple platforms
  • The Ability to export data in PDF or CSV

Over all they seem to have all basses covered. We definitely recommend going for the free trial. Also their customer service is amazing.

Well that’s enough gushing software love from us. There are plenty of social media applications out there to help you do all of the above, and we have used quite a few. So far Sprout Social ticks all the boxes. Especially with a LinkedIn Profile and Page scheduler on the way.


Rhys Morrow

Social Strategist






It’s here and it’s big. The new Instagram update is set to give you more control with a stack of new photo editing tools.













Along with the above changes which have us here pretty excited, there are a range of tools to choose from as well such as:

  • Tilt Shift
  • Sharpen
  • Adjust
  • Brightness
  • Warmth
  • Saturation
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Vignette

Double tap the filter and you can change the intensity of the filter with a handy slider.




















We could honestly take you step by step through the new update but we suggest you download it and get exploring.

Want to know our 7 Tips For Instagram?


Rhys Morrow

Social Strategist and Digital Dude



Apple is set to reveal its new Connected Home Platform “GoogolPlex” at the upcoming WWDC, which will take place next week in San Francisco.

Essentially a Connected Home is a house/home fitted with internet connectivity. Granted you do need to have all the cool new gadgets in order for your iOS device to connect to and operate. Looks like we won’t be waiting too long as there is set to be a flood of connected appliances coming out later this year.

So this platform aims to let the user (who owns an iOS device) to be able to control elements of their home with a more intelligent version of Siri. When integrated into your home there won’t be much you can’t control as long as you have the internet connected devices. Wirelessly command your lighting, heating, car, music, TV and even security cameras. The possibilities are almost endless.

GoogolPlex from Four Loop on Vimeo.

This begs one question with us. Why don’t you just get up and turn it on/off or up/down? Are we destined to become lazy due to advancing technology? Bring on the future we say. Just remember to exercise, or we’ll all end up like the people on “Wall E”


Rhys Morrow

Digital Marketing/Tech Enthusiast.






Banksy’s shedding light on privacy issues

Possible Banksy Street Art

Banksy has been spotted again and this time in Cheltenham, a large spa town in Gloucestershire, England. The piece depicts three government agents spying in on various phone conversations. Ownership is yet to be confirmed on Banksy’s website but as Street Art News says “this piece has all the Banksy characteristics in narrative, style and execution”. This is brilliant street art shedding even more light on the news over the past year with NSA and various other privacy issues such as Facebook and phone tapping.

Another Banksy art piece related to our dependancy on technology is this one below which can be found on his site. Even the simple hug has been invaded by social media and the use of the smart phone.  Does this remind you of anyone?

For more of Banksy’s art work, have a peek over at

Banksy Street Art


Rhys Morrow

Social Media Strategist

Sources – Banksy site, Street Art News

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