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Apple is set to reveal its new Connected Home Platform “GoogolPlex” at the upcoming WWDC, which will take place next week in San Francisco.

Essentially a Connected Home is a house/home fitted with internet connectivity. Granted you do need to have all the cool new gadgets in order for your iOS device to connect to and operate. Looks like we won’t be waiting too long as there is set to be a flood of connected appliances coming out later this year.

So this platform aims to let the user (who owns an iOS device) to be able to control elements of their home with a more intelligent version of Siri. When integrated into your home there won’t be much you can’t control as long as you have the internet connected devices. Wirelessly command your lighting, heating, car, music, TV and even security cameras. The possibilities are almost endless.

GoogolPlex from Four Loop on Vimeo.

This begs one question with us. Why don’t you just get up and turn it on/off or up/down? Are we destined to become lazy due to advancing technology? Bring on the future we say. Just remember to exercise, or we’ll all end up like the people on “Wall E”


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So Facebook‘s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has turned 30. It makes you think “what had I accomplished at 30 years old?” Well for me it wasn’t owning then most used social media platform, that’s for sure. Here’s a pretty funny infographic from the folks at Mashable on Marks life vs a regular 30 year old.




Source – Mashable

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Instagram. It’s full of selfies, food, destinations, inspiring quotes and pictures of cats. It’s a great platform for showing off what you like and do personally. But how do you use it as a brand? We’ve put together a few tips, well 7 to be exact, to help you navigate and hopefully reach your audience in an organic way. All of this without posting a picture of a cat. Though it might help.

1 – Post Consistency 

Create a posting schedule. Through the use of apps like Iconosquare, find out when your users are the most engaged. Set yourself reminders on when to post. Unfortuatley there is no Instagram post scheduler at the moment, so if your users are engaging at midnight then you may have to stay up late to get seen.

2 – Be friendly and real.

While you may be trying to sell your product or service, you don’t want to be shoving it down peoples throats on Instagram. It’s one of the quickest ways to lose followers. Be natural. Don’t just like other people posts, comment on them. Stay away from comments like “Follow Me” and “Like 4 A Like”, lets leave those to the teenagers. Post about things other than your product. Post of photo from the beach on the weekend, or the skyline in the city from last night. Use picks of workmates, and general goings on within your business. People are more likely to engage with people that share great images and interests. Repost other pictures you like on Instagram the Repost app. Just remember to mention who it came from. Always credit the picture where you can.

3 – Hashtags

While hashtags are a great way to get people to engage with your posts, don’t go on a hashtag rampage. Keep it simple and relevant. Search other brands similar to yourself and see what they are using to attract followers. Can’t remember the hastags you want to use? Use an app like Instatag to store your favourite hashtags. Put into lists so they can be added to your posts with ease. Make sure they are relevant to the post. Don’t go using #selfie if you haven’t actually posted one.

4 – Use out of Instagram Apps

There are plenty of apps to crop, add filters, edit and create collages out there for you to explore. If you really want to get creative with your photo’s you can use an editing app like Camera+. Iconosquare is great for placing boarder and resizing larger images to fit on Instagram. Create a photo reels with Flipagram. There are plenty out there if you have time to look.

5 – Statistic and Insights

With the use of Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram) you can easily track what posts are doing the best. What filters are getting more likes and also see best times of engagement. There is a whole range of info to be gleamed from this handy site.

6 – Competitions

Give users something to make them want to engage with your account. A repost competition is always a great way to get people to share your post to their own followers. Create a specific hashtag to go with the comp as well to track who’s sharing. Click here to see some great examples of Instagram contests.

7- Be Human Create conversations

Comment regularly and mix up your posts with everyday goings on and branded content. Most of all enjoy yourself.


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