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Banksy’s shedding light on privacy issues

Possible Banksy Street Art

Banksy has been spotted again and this time in Cheltenham, a large spa town in Gloucestershire, England. The piece depicts three government agents spying in on various phone conversations. Ownership is yet to be confirmed on Banksy’s website but as Street Art News says “this piece has all the Banksy characteristics in narrative, style and execution”. This is brilliant street art shedding even more light on the news over the past year with NSA and various other privacy issues such as Facebook and phone tapping.

Another Banksy art piece related to our dependancy on technology is this one below which can be found on his site. Even the simple hug has been invaded by social media and the use of the smart phone.  Does this remind you of anyone?

For more of Banksy’s art work, have a peek over at Artsy.net

Banksy Street Art


Rhys Morrow

Social Media Strategist

Sources – Banksy site, Street Art News

Why Isn’t Facebook More Like YouTube?



We’ve all noticed the decline in the reach of our organic posts. Facebook even stated that organic posts will be less seen as time goes on. Especially since Facebooks new ads and promotions structure has been implemented. You now have to promote your posts if you want all your friends or followers to see them. While for big company’s this is really just another form of advertising which they will have an allocated budget for. What about the little guy or just the social user who wants their voice heard?

Paying to promote your content does ensure that you cut through the noise on Facebook and get yourself seen and heard, and we don’t see Mark Zuckerberg changing his mind anytime soon.

Whether you like what Facebook is doing or hate it, the guys from 2Veritasium bring up some valid points about what Facebook is doing (or not doing) in this YouTube clip


Rhys Morrow

Social Media Strategist

 Augmented Reality Done Right

Pepsi Max Bus Stop 2

As far as I’m concerned, this may be the best advert/prank ever conceived. Pepsi converted a regular bus stop in London into one of the most engaging uses of augmented reality I’ve ever seen. Grand Visual, who produced the installation which is exclusive to Pepsi placed it in a bus stop in busy Oxford St. At a glance it looks like a display with a camera showing you the street view on the other side. Wait long enough and you’ll see giant toy robots, meteors and aliens destroy London.

While this may not have intended to be a global campaign since it was only produced on one busy street. Pepsi Max has “nailed it” with over 5 million views on You Tube. Pretty sure you can class this as Viral.


Do You Use Your Day Wisely?

How do you use your day. Do you sleep in, or are you up at the crack of dawn ready to take on the day. Victor Hugo had the right idea. More social life and less work.

Daily Rituals

Infographic – All Top / Holy Kaw

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