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What Type Of Social Media Sharer Are You

What content do you share on your social media. With all that information (entertaining or not) floating around, how do you determine what you want to share. Do you share posts that make you laugh? Or maybe something that touches on your political views? We all know you your not sharing that post of your friends baby, or are you?

Have at look at this Infographic from Statpro and determine what kind of social media sharer you are.

The Psychology of Sharing


Ever heard the term “Organic SEO”? It pretty much means SEO done the right way. There are plenty of ways to cheat at SEO, but Google will find out and could result in a ban from search results.

Here’s a great infographic  that helps explain why all the hard work that is put into Organic SEO is worth it in the long run. Organic SEO


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Infographic from Visually and produced by SEO Sherpa

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