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Well Facebook let us all know today that they will be launching their new advertising platform on March 6th. Apparently this means that it will be easier for advertisers to organise, optimise and track/measure their ads.

Each campaign can now feature multiple ad sets. Each of these can have their own budget and schedule. You can also organise each ad set to represent audience segments i.e. people that live near you. This will enable you to help control the spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ad and measure their response. Facebook will also serve the ad which is getting the most interaction/best performing.

Finally within each ad set you can have multiple ads. Each with their own image, video, link or text. You still get to control the spend and targeting of each ad.

Facebooks New Ad Structure


Ultimately this means a little more work for those online marketers out there. But with Facebook giving you more control over how you serve your ads, this could end up being a great change.


Rhys Morrow

Social Media Strategist, Digital Dude

Remember when you were a kid and you parents gave you a pencil and paper to keep you entertained when you were out (could be showing my age here). Have you seen more and more children with iPads and iPhones playing games to be kept entertained? I actually think this is a great thing in moderation and as long as the games are educational and expanding children’s minds.



VTech have jumped on this band wagon in a big way and created the first Smartwatch for children ages 6-12. The KidiZoom Smartwatch was recently showcased by the US based company that makes educational toys at the 2014 International Toy Fair.

While not being technically smart (no wifi capability) it still does boast a 1.4 inch colour, touch screen display, 20 different watch faces, a .3 mega pixel camera that can shoot photos and video, voice recorder and educational games. Oh, and it tells the time too.

It may not have actual internet capabilities, it does come with a USB port so the kiddies can upload and down load pics and videos (or their parents can do that for them more likely).

Emma Birely from VTech is quoted saying to Gizmag “Kids see their parents with these watches and tablets and want to use them, so it’s meeting those needs and making it kid-friendly,” Really? Is there an actual need for this. Personally I didn’t have my first watch till I was in High School. When I was 6, I didn’t care what the time was. As long as it wasn’t bath time or bed time.

The Vtech KidiZoom smart watch is set to be launched later this year in March. It will be at about the $65 US mark.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely against this. It’s just that there is a big wide world to explore out there when you’re a kid, and all you need to be armed with is a sense of adventure and your imagination. Oh, and google maps so you don’t get lost.

Via Gizmag and liliputing


Rhys Morrow

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I must admit that I was bit skeptical on this plugin at first. I was expecting very average icons to be available and not many at that. But the more I search inside the BlendMe.in plugin the more I find. With thousands of vector based assets just a few clicks away, this plugin is definitely proving it’s worth. Oh and did we mention its downloadable to Photoshop and Illustrator for FREE.

Blendme.in Photoshop/Illustrator Plugin


BlendMe.in is so easy to use with its drag and drop functionality and easily searchable icons, the only problem that you may have is choosing from the thousands of assets. All the icons are in vector format and can be inserted as a smart object and are completely scaleable.

No need to worry about copyright either. All of the icons are under the Creative Commons Attribution license. So feel free to use them for commercial or personal use. Also if you are a developer yourself you can contact the plugin developer to have your icons considered for the plugin as well.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do


Rhys Morrow

Social Strategist

So last year was pretty massive in social media. With YouTube seeing an increase of viral videos like The Harlem Shake, The Van Damme Epic Split and our favourite Miley Cyrus-Wreakin Ball (chatroulette version). Facebook brought Instagram and released Instagram Video’s. Twitter even rolled out Private Messaging.

We came across this infographic gem from Unmetric called “Awesome Things Brands Did On Social Media In 2013”. Forget virality for a moment (though most of these do go that way). Here are some clever things brands from around the world did to leverage themselves and their message through social media.

If you do get a chance you should checkout the “64 Customized Pre Roll Ads” from Burger King on YouTube, it’s golden.

Awesome things brands did on social media in 2013



Rhys Morrow

Social Strategist / Digital Dude

So you got the new Pebble Steel Smart Watch. Do you you want to make it cooler, customisable and more functional? Well Pebble have announced the launch of the 2.o App Store now available on the iTunes Store.

This App store within an App hosts six categories with Games, Fitness, Notifications, Remotes, Tools & Utilities and Daily, not to mention Watchfaces. In addition to all of these you have access to a Locker with your favourite Watchfaces and apps stored for easy use and changing.  From now on you will be able to see your twitter feed, access your fitness tracker and receive a range of alerts like email and messages. Oh you can even use it as a remote for your smartphone camera.

Don’t fret Android users. A beta version for you guys is on the way.

Pebble App Store

Get more info on the app and the Smart Watch at the Pebble site


Rhys Morrow

Social Media Strategist / Digital Dude

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